TestLodge – a Test Case Management Tool


TestLodge test case management tool is a relatively new hosted tool that is designed to be a lot simpler than traditional software by only providing the essentials to get the job done well. The system focuses on helping you create your test plans, input your requirements, create and manage your test suites and cases along with allowing you to easily perform multiple test runs and generate reports.



Main features

TestLodge offers the following features to its users:

1. Test Plans – The ability to create and maintain test plans. These can be either be built from scratch or built from a pre-defined template that TestLodge offers

2. Requirements – The tool allows you to quickly enter your requirements which can later be associated with test cases.

3. Test cases – TestLodge allows you to enter your requirements into test suites with ease. The software allows you enter a title, description, test steps and expected result for each case along with easily being able to copy to other projects.

4. Test runs – Once you have created your test cases, its time to run them. TestLodge provides a clear interface that guides you through each test one by one. If you mark a test case as ‘failed’ it also allows you to create bug reports in 3rd party issue tracking tools such as FogBugz, Assembla, Redmine etc…



Many existing test management systems have been around for years and over this time they have become bloated and hard to use. They host nearly every feature that you could require along with interfaces that take hours or even days to learn.
TestLodge differs from these by keeping things simple and only providing the essentials to get the job done well and quickly. The interface is designed to be simple, easy to use and require no training to use it.

TestLodge is a great tool for people who want to easily manage their manual testing effort across a whole team, their pricing plans are reasonable and it takes people little effort in getting up to speed with the software.

Watch a demo of the tool

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