Should You Prioritise Your Software Testing?

Prioritize Your Software Testing


How often do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of software testing you need to complete for your next product release? Twice a week? Four times a week? Every day?

It is a frustrating fact of testing that there is never enough time to complete all the testing. Rather than finding a way to deal with this, most software test teams simply hope that they’ve done enough.

If that is what you’re doing why not consider prioritizing your software testing? When you prioritize your software testing you:

  • Find the serious bugs sooner
  • Deliver the results needed by the team faster
  • Don’t waste time on irrelevant tests

It would be great if we had more testers and realistic deadlines but in the real world we often get little influence over those variables. You have the resources you have, and you need to make the most of them.

We can’t help you decide on the precise priorities for each of your tests, as you need knowledge of the product to do that. However, the following 6 points will help guide you :

1. Review defect trends from previous product releases

2. Identify areas where bugs have been fixed or new functionality added

3. Balance test priorities across early and later builds for the product

4. Make sure you have well defined meanings for each priority you use

5. Ensure you have consistent priorities across all your tests

6. Review test results from previous test runs

The solution is not just to hope that you’ve done enough software testing. The solution is to find a system that enables you to prioritise software tests and focus on what matters most.

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