Saas App Testing – Major Challenges & How to Overcome Them?

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As days go by, cloud computing is becoming more and more the buzzword in the tech circles. It is now a major trend among corporate firms all around the world and industry pundits predicts that this is going to be more so in the coming years. Companies among all kinds of market niches will adopt cloud computing within the next few years, and so the technology that makes cloud computing will also go through a range of evolutions of its own.

At present, there are mainly three types of cloud computing: SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). There is another delivery model known as XaaS, which offers everything as a service and covers all aspects of storage, database security and integration. Out of all the various cloud computing delivery models, probably the one that is most talked about is the SaaS. The SaaS is a mechanism which allows usage of various software applications and products for internet by users no matter where they are located.

SaaS applications are used currently by millions of corporate clients all over the world and so the SaaS app developers consider it necessary to test them before finally making them available to the users. The various advantages that are provided by these applications include on demand and pay per use services. These applications are tested on a number of grounds, such as business logic, data integration, security, scalability and performance. So let’s have a look at what needs to be tested for Saas Applications ?

SaaS Testing

SaaS applications are exposed to a number of functional as well as non-functional tests by the cloud application development companies to make sure that they are ready to deliver the best performance possible.

Availability Testing

Every cloud based application should undergo an availability testing to make sure that the SaaS application is perfectly accessible to users at all times and does not go through any downtimes.

Performance Testing

No matter how the application is developed, it should perform up to its expectations in order to be considered effective. For this reason, the performance of the SaaS application should be thoroughly calculated before it is launched and even after being launched periodic evaluations is needed to be carried out to make sure that it is still working flawlessly. No matter how much the traffic load is, the application should perform perfectly for all users. Another important thing to remember is that the performance reports should be consistent from multiple sources.

Security Testing

Protection of valuable data is one of the major concerns while working with cloud storage applications. In order to protect all kinds of data from corporate espionage and maintain their integrity, it is vital that proper security testing is carried out.

SaaS applications are used by companies all the time to work with different kinds of data and so they should have the highest levels of privacy and security settings. By simulating the users with varying privileges, they should be tested for their accessibility. These tests will enable SaaS application developers to make sure that the data of one client cannot be accessed by other clients. Testing cookies and SQL injections are some of the ways in which the security settings of these applications can be evaluated.

Interoperability Testing

Every SaaS application must be able to function seamlessly in all different environments and platforms so that users from all backgrounds can use them.

Stress and Load Testing

This test allows to measure the general stability of a particular system or entity. It involves testing the SaaS application beyond its usual operational capacity in order to evaluate how it responds to and gives results. Without this test, it would never be possible to know how a SaaS application would behave in real life scenarios.

Integration and migration tests

It is necessary to integrate the SaaS program with the other applications run by a client. Data integration testing should be carried out for both outgoing as well as incoming data. It is a highly challenging aspect of data validation and it also plays a critical role in data privacy and security. A SaaS application developer should also conduct proper data migration tests as it helps to evaluate the data migration process between the various SaaS applications or any other applications.

Business workflow tests

Every SaaS application should be tested for optimum handling of business workflows and other competent functionalities. The clients should also have sufficient knowledge about the various facets of the SaaS application as this would help them to configure the program according to their own needs. Knowing different configurable and non-configurable aspects of the program would also help in getting the best out of these applications.

Licensing tests

The licensing of a SaaS application depends on functionality, usage and the number of the concurrent users. Hence before releasing a new version of the application, it is important that tests on all these parameters are made.

Some of the challenges that are experienced while conducting SaaS application testing

There are a number of challenges that one may experience while carrying out a SaaS application test. These are discussed below in brief:

  • Frequent updates along with very short durations for validating the applications;
  • Inability to check and validate all the backend components associated with the interface;
  • Multiple forms of access rights that make it very difficult to check and verify access controls and overall security;
  • Lack of standardization in the application itself;
  • Difficulty in relation to verifying data transfer that occurs between the network of a company and the Saas application

In order to meet with these difficulties, SaaS application developers are now coming up with tools and programs that are specifically tailored to measure the effectiveness of these applications

How to Overcome These Challenges ?

  • Using Automation tools for Saas Testing is helpful in solving the problems related to frequent updates
  • Grouping the core areas which need to be tested and focusing more on the areas which are more likely to affect the performance
  • To ensure data security Saas application needs to use strong encryption.
  • Start with creating a standard group of automated test cases which needs to be validated according to their importance in the whole application
  • Test data transfer between companies, network and Saas application.


SaaS applications are used currently by millions of corporate clients all over the world and so the SaaS app developers consider it necessary to test them before finally making them available to the users. Saas testing focuses on delivering high standards of the apps. Major aspects of a successful Saas app testing are implementing the right strategy, automation & best practices.

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