Gatling – How to Send Post Request in StringBody() With Random Data

In this Gatling tutorial, we show how to send post requests which contain random data in the StringBody(). In most performance testing scenarios, you want to randomize the data that is sent as post request to simulate different sessions. For this, we can make use of feeders which read data from CSV files or plain …

Difference Between PUT and PATCH Requests

What is the difference between PUT and PATCH requests, and when should we use one over the other? PUT and PATCH are HTTP verbs and they both relate to updating a resource. The main difference between PUT and PATCH requests is the way the server processes the request to modify a resource identified by the request URI.

Should Automated UI Tests Run in CI Pipeline?

Should Automated UI Tests (e.g. Selenium Tests) be run as part of the continuous integration build pipeline? The problem with automated UI tests is that they are slow and brittle as they need to interact with a browser over HTTP. In this post, we examine a strategy for executing automated UI tests in CI/CD pipeline.

Appium Starter Project – Step By Step Guide

In this Appium tutorial, we take a look at how to create a sample maven project to use for Mobile Test Automation using Appium with Java. This Appium starter project is for mobile automation testing for both native and web view. It uses a sample app on an android emulator to run a basic search test using Appium.