ISTQB Sample Exam Questions – Testing Fundamentals

ISTQB Sample Exam - Testing Fundamentals

This online ISTQB practice exam (mock test) is designed to test your knowledge of Software Testing Fundamentals.

Disclaimer: The result you get after completing the “ISTQB Sample Exam – Testing Fundamentals” should not be taken as an indication for the result of the real exam!

This quiz contains 40 questions and you have 1 hour to complete the test.

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34 Replies to “ISTQB Sample Exam Questions – Testing Fundamentals”

  1. Regression testing should be performed:
    a.every week
    b.after the software has changed often as possible
    d.when the environment has changed
    e.when the project manager says

    I found that answer of this question is wrong. It should be b & d.

    1. Regression testing should be performed:
      b.after the software has changed
      According to my optinion b . is the correct answer.Because, regression testing be performed after a bug is fixed to check any side effects occurs due to fixing of that bug.

    2. Why would you want to do regression testing when environment is changed? The regression is when there is change in software.
      Environment change will call for compatibility testing not regression

  2. Hi,

    In attend one interview in that they just give one sheet with snap shot of Shipping address(eg ;-while Online purchase ask for shipping address) Screen and ask to Find defects. without Executing how to find defects.

    Please give some answers for this question

  3. Which is not a testing principle

    a.Early testing
    b.Defect clustering
    c.Pesticide paradox.
    d.Exhaustive testing

    these all the testing principles.

    Exhaustive Testing :- we can’t test all the combination (inputs)

    Exhaustive testing also one of testing principles.

  4. Can, you please check this answer for this question.
    Regression testing should be performed:
    i.every week
    ii.after the software has changed often as possible
    iv.when the environment has changed
    v.when the project manager says

    According to my opinion, the answer should (ii) when the software has changed

    1. Maybe if you change the software it means changing all the operating information.

      In this case, testing needs to start from the beginning since it is a new program already.

      Regression testing is foralready existing program that has changes and not in a new created software.

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