ISTQB Foundation – Practice Exam 2

ISTQB Practice Exam 2

This online Scrum quiz contains 30 questions to test your knowledge of Agile Methodology and the Scrum Framework.

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  1. The question “When a new testing tool is purchased, it should be used first by: ” has different answers in sample test 1 and 2.
    One says “Everyone who may eventually have some use for the tool” is right while other
    mentions it wrong and marks “A small team to establish the best way to use the tool” as right.
    Which one is right?


  2. On Q 11 >option >4 correction required in 4th option correct is”Both Usability testing & performance testing” Instead off “Both System and Performance Testing”….because non-functional testing is type of System testing.And Usability testing & performance testing are involved in non-functional testing.

    Which one of the following are non-functional testing methods?

    1 System testing
    2 Usability testing
    3 Performance testing
    4 Both System and Performance Testing
    5 All three types

    1. not sure if this is the right answer.
      According to the book, ‘to have a pilot project as the first
      thing done with a new tool. This will use the tool in earnest but on a small scale,
      with sufficient time to explore different ways of using the tool.’
      I am really confused.

    1. Given the Following program IF X = Z THEN Statement 2; END McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity is:

      Ans will be 2 if you look at the following formula:

      CC = D +1


      D = the number of decision points in the graph

      The number of decision points in the above graph is 1 so,

      CC = 1+1 i.e. 2

      however, if you go by the usual formula, E-N+P, I didn’t get the answer as 2

  3. i got a question –
    An input field takes the year of birth between 1900 and 2004. The boundary values for testing this field are:

    And i select the answer for it (1899, 1900, 1901,2003,2004,2005) your application show it is a wrong answer.
    It is a cooreact answer as per me.

    1. Hi, krishna

      According to my studies in your example 1901 and 2005 are not boundary values, because they are in the same equivalence partition with 1900 and 2004.
      The Correct boundary values for that question is: 1899,1900,2004,2005, so you have te minimum and maximum values of invalid and the minimum and maximum values of valid boundary values.


  4. Question 35 is about McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity.
    McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity is marked as “ATT” (=ISTQB Advanced) in the Glossary, so I did not memorize it.
    How can it be in the Foundation quiz?

  5. Q.37 Repeat of Kalpesh’s comment above:
    -System testing is NOT non-functional – I think you have written the question wrongly and it should be **Both USABILITY and Performance Testing
    Which one of the following are non-functional testing methods?
    System testing
    Usability testing
    Performance testing
    **Both System and Performance Testing [Correct answer?]
    All three types

  6. The following question appears twice (the first occurrence was before question 20)
    Question 20
    To test a function, the programmer has to write a ______, which calls the function and passes it test data
    A Stub
    B Driver
    C Proxy
    D None of the above

  7. I totally agree with Paul Russell. For the question – Which one of the following are non-functional testing methods? Non- functional testings are usability testing and performance testing. Although System testing includes functional and non-functional but is not a type of non-functional testing. The options in the answers should be corrected.

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