Data Driven Testing: Importing Data from Excel to Selenium with TestNG


Data Driven testing generally means executing a set of steps with multiple sets of data. The data can be stored in a database or an Excel sheet.
Selenium does not provide any out-of-the box solution for data driven testing but leaves it up to the user to implement this on his own. People who are familiar with QuickTest Professional or QTP would know Datatables (Global & Action) that allows the scripter to link a action or a function with multiple rows of data.

TestNG is a framework that makes data-driven testing possible in selenium. TestNG is a testing framework created in line with Junit but with added features that makes it suitable for use in regression test automation projects. DataProvider is one such feature in testng; it allows a test method to be executed with multiple sets of data.

A DataProvider is data feeder method defined in your class that supplies a test method with data. You may hook up any test method with a DataProvider and make the test method execute once for every row of your test data.

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