What to Test When There is Not Enough Time to Test

One of the major tasks of a Test Manager is to prioritize which tests need to be run when there is not enough time to execute all the tests.

Use risk analysis to determine where testing should be focused.
Since it’s rarely possible to test every possible aspect of an application, every possible combination of events, every dependency, or everything that could go wrong, risk analysis is appropriate to most software development

Testing Artefacts

IEEE 829 IEEE 829-1998, also known as the 829 standard for application check documentation, is an IEEE standard that specifies how a set of documents for use in four defined stages of application testing, each stage potentially produce their own separate type of document. The standard specifies the format of these documents, but not stipulate whether …

Should You Prioritise Your Software Testing?

How often do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of software testing you need to complete for your next product release? Twice a week? Four times a week? Every day? It is a frustrating fact of testing that there is never enough time to complete all the testing. Rather than finding a way to deal with this, most software test teams simply hope that they’ve done enough.

If that is what

Test Policy Document

What is a Test Policy Document?

A Test Policy is a high level document and is at the top of the hierarchy of the Test Documentation structure. The purpose of the Test Policy document is to represent the testing philosophy of the company as a whole and to provide a direction which the testing department should adhere to and follow. It should apply to both new projects and maintenance work.

Setting an

Test Strategy and Test Plan

Test Strategy
A Test Strategy document is a high level document and normally developed by project manager. This document defines “Testing Approach” to achieve testing objectives. The Test Strategy is normally derived from the Business Requirement

MoSCoW Prioritization in Software Testing

Prioritization of Requirements
An important factor for the success of any project is ensuring that the requirements, are prioritised. In many cases this is not done leading to sure project failure. Sometimes it is the customers’