How to Write an Effective Bug Report

As we already have discussed importance of Software Testing in any software development project (Just to summarize: Software testing helps in improving quality of software and deliver a cost effective solution which meet customer requirements)

Elements of a Bug Report

Writing a good defect or bug report goes a long way in identifying and resolving the problems quickly. In here, I list the elements that are normally included in a bug report.

Defect Clustering in Software Testing

During the course of a typical testing phase, as the defects are detected (hopefully!), the analysis of defects can give surprising results!

In most cases, it can be seen that the majority of the detected defects

Test Script Defects

1. What is a test script defect?
During a testing phase, it is not uncommon at all that testers face issues other than application failures. It is believed that during the first cycle of testing, about

Defect Life Cycle in Software Testing

Finding defects and reporting defects are the main activities of the testing. In this article I endeavour to explain the Software Defect Lifecycle and the Defect Process in general. I will list all the activities