Appium Starter Project – Step By Step Guide

In this Appium tutorial, we take a look at how to create a sample maven project to use for Mobile Test Automation using Appium with Java.

This is an Appium starter project for mobile automation testing for both native and web view. It uses a sample app (Wikipedia) on an android emulator to run a basic search test. The idea is to show how to write automated tests for a mobile app using Appium.

The project will automatically install the Wikipedia app on the virtual device which you will create in the following steps and then runs two search tests on the Wikipedia app.

Appium Project Setup Requirements

As this is a Java-based starter project, you need to have Java 8 installed. You will also need to have Android SDK to be able to interact with the Android emulator.

You can clone this project from my Github repo

Appium Project Setup

The instructions given here are for OSX

1 – Install latest Android SDK

2 – The installer will install Android SDK in the following location


3 – Edit your .bash_profile to have the following:

export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/<YOUR-USERNAME>/Library/Android/sdk
export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home)


N.B. Your .bash_profile should be in ~/.bash_profile

If you don’t have a .bash_profile then run this command to create it: touch ~/.bash_profile

To edit your .bash_profile run: sudo nano ~/.bash_profile

4 – Install latest platform tools by running the following command in a terminal

sdkmanager "platform-tools" "platforms;android-26"

5 – Download necessary packages

sdkmanager "system-images;android-26;google_apis;x86"

6 – Create an avd (Android Virtual Device) with a name TestAvd and device Nexus 5X

avdmanager create avd -n TestAvd -k "system-images;android-26;google_apis;x86" -d "Nexus 5X"

7 – Launch the emulator to see if everything is working

emulator -avd TestAvd -skin 1440x2560

8 – Now install Appium

npm install -g appium

9 – Start the Appium server by running the following command


10 – Run the tests from the project root (where pom.xml resides)

mvn clean test

N.B. To run the tests you need to clone the project from