An Effective Testing Strategy

On a recent large project, we had a goal early on that we didn’t want to have a lot of QA folks manually testing our software. Finding bugs through manual testing is incredibly time consuming and expensive, so we opted to try and build as much quality in to the product. That’s not to say that manual testing doesn’t have its place, as humans are fantastic about using software in ways you didn’t expect.

This was a long project, around 18 months, and will continue to have active development in the future. Very early on we found that a good testing strategy was critical to the success of the project, especially for our team to be able to 1) continue to increase our velocity over time and 2) have the confidence to make both small and large changes in our application.

It took quite a while for us to settle on an effective strategy. This was mostly because we had to learn how to design our application for testability, in all layers of the application. Our team were all experienced in TDD before starting the project, but that wasn’t the only skill we needed to create an effective testing strategy.

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