3 Main Types of Software Testing

Main Types of Software Testing


Software test cases are software codes that are executed based on the input provided by the clients. Once the required output is got, the module is said to be compliant with client requirements. Software developers follow three main types of testing – the black box testing, grey box and white box testing.

Black Box Testing

1. Here the user is not aware of the internal implementation of the testing software. 2. Some of the commonly used testing methods are equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, all-pairs testing, fuzz testing, model-based testing, etc. 3. It is common for black box testers to find bugs that were not traced during program execution. 4. The primary disadvantage with this testing is that the tester will not be aware even if some part of the code has not been tested.


White Box Testing

On the other hand, in white box testing the tester is aware of the algorithm of the test software and is able to structure the test cases accordingly. The most commonly used testing methods here are static testing, API or Application Programming Interface testing, mutation testing methods etc. With this testing the tester can be assured of completely testing the module or code which is of prime importance.


Grey Box Testing

In grey box testing methodology, the tester has access to internal data structures and algorithms to for purposes of designing test cases, the testing as such is done similar to black box testing. Grey box testing is commonly used by testers in case of integration testing, which is conducted to test the joint output of two modules.

Today there are many test automation tools available in the market to carry out such kinds of software tests. There is also a growing trend in software development to use testing platforms that allow users to execute the test cases by scheduling the test case execution.

Today test automation tools are also available as a SaaS service, making it simpler to deal with test execution, test metrics and test documentation.


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