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It’s Time we get our dues!

When a software product is a success – the developers get the glory and when it fails – the testers get the blame! That’s the unfair story of a test professional’s life. It’s kind of weird that even when from an end user perspective quality of the product matters the most, software quality professionals are • Read More »

Best Practices for Continuous Testing in Agile

Continuous Testing What is Continuous Testing? In Agile, where we frequently release software to production, we need to ensure that software is of high quality throughout the development. We need to test early and we need to test often. We need to make sure that we get correct requirements to begin with and to ensure • Read More »

Start Testing Before Testing Starts

Article By: Terry Anderson

It’s a familiar scenario: the development phase of a project is behind schedule and the project manager has to decide whether to give the developers more time or take the incomplete build into formal testing on its planned date. A number of factors will influence this decision.

Achieving major milestones is a key measure of project progress and one of the most significant is the move from development

Exploratory Testing: Tips and Best Practices

In a previous post we discussed Why Exploratory Testing is Important in Agile Projects. In this article, Neil Fletcher provides his top 10 tips to exploratory testing. Key questions that come up are: what is exploratory testing and how should we do it? Exploratory testing helps quality analysts and others involved in the testing field • Read More »

Functional Automated Testing Best Practices with Selenium WebDriver

This is a walk-through around how to structure functional, automated tests for Selenium/WebDriver using the Page Object design pattern and Behavior Driven Design (BDD). This approach allows for testing component reusability as well as structured, readable tests. Selenium/WebDriver offers live browser testing across many different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome… even Android and iOS Safari), so • Read More »